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A Story From “Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) 2011″

Last week Solo (Surakarta) held another international event, Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) 2011. It’s being held in 3 days from 1 July to 3 July 2011 at Pamedan Mangkunegaran Solo, Central Java.
I miss the first day. And in the second day I was late. But I never think it will be that full. Maybe almost ten thousands of people attend this event, it’s leaving only little space on behind to walk. Because the seat has been fully charged so many people must watch the show while standing including me. It’s hard to watch the show from behind the row because its to far and standing made ​​me tired.
The worse things happens when I meet some friends who also came late. The worse combination of “Friends + No Seat + Hungry” are “Chit chat + Taking Photos Together + Eating.” Yes we more enjoy it than the show. :D
Finally on the last day I can enjoy the show. I came early and I just get a seat in the middle.
The first show performed by Universiti Malaysia Sabah – Malaysia. They perform traditional dance by wearing costumes that glow in the dark.
The second show performed by Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kabupaten Cirebon (Department of culture and Tourism of Cirebon Regency) is  bit boring, nothing special with them.

Leine Roebana, Netherlands
TheThe third show are from Leine Roebana, Netherlands. It’s a little boring at first (maybe it’s just me) but there are a unexpected moment in the middle of the show.
A mysterious (people in the middle of the picture above) up onto the stage from the front stage. For me, he looked more like an artist than a dancer. I thought he is their friend. But, wait. Why the other dancers away from him. He use different clothes from other and he bring a bag.
He even offers a bottle of water to one of the dancers. The dancers look confused. We the audiences even more confused. Why no one stop him?
The answer came when the music played again (I don’t know when the music stoped) simultaneously with the dance movements performed by the mysterious person. And other dancers also returned to dance. But when the show end he pick his bag and go down from the front stage while the other dancer go down from the side stage. I forgot to ask the organizer about him when the event end and who the mysterious person is still a mystery to me even until now.

Los Peyoteros, Mexico
After Netherlands, the time for Los Peyoteros came. They perform lovelly traditional music from Mexico. Yes, I love the music. It’s make me want to dance.
The singer sometimes use bahasa Indonesia to comunicate with the audience. They also bring a translator to translate what she say.
Not only that, in one of the song, they even invite the audiences to dance together on the stage and sing using bahasa Indonesia in some part of the song. Maybe not so many people notice it (or maybe it’s just me who notice it) because it’s not to clear except the word “Indonesia” that’s the singer says.

Sruti Respati from Solo - Indonesia
Last performer is Sruti Respati from Solo – Indonesia. She combines traditional java music with jazz. She also brings a little girl puppeteer and some children to play some traditional games.  This is my first time see a girl become dalang (puppeteer) and play Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppet).
Since she already bring so many children to play some traditional games, I hope she will joint them to play one or two games but unfortunately it’s not happen.

SIPA 2011 closing ceremony
Hari-hari Terus Berlalu
Tiada pernah berhenti
Seribu rintang jalan berliku
Bukanlah suatu penghalang

Hadapilah segala tantangan
Mohon Petunjuk yang kuasa
Ciptakanlah Kerukunan Bangsa
Kobarkanlah dalam dada
Semangat jiwa Pancasila

Hidup tiada mungkin
Tanpa perjuangan
Tanpa pengorbanan
Mulia adanya
Berpegangan tangan
Satu dalam cita
Demi masa depan
Indonesia Jaya

The event closed lovelly with firework song Indonesia Jaya (Glory Indonesia) and fireworks attraction.
Love Indonesia

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